Accessing the Github token from a Github action

For each Github action workflow, Github creates a unique Github token. This can accessed a either via the GITHUB_TOKEN secret (${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}) or via the github context (${{ github.token }}). The docs also note that

An action can access the GITHUB_TOKEN through the github.token context even if the workflow does not explicitly pass the GITHUB_TOKEN to the action.

However the docs fall short of showing how to do it, and it took me a while to figure it out, so I’m sharing it here.

The solution is to use an input and set its default value to github.token. In composite actions, one can also use the github context directly, however it can not be used when passing environment variables in a non-composite action.

name: 'Test github context access'
    description: "A GitHub PAT used to add the comment to the PR"
    default: ${{ github.token }}
  using: "composite"
    - name: Get all issues for this repository
      shell: bash
      run: |
        curl -L \
        -H "Accept: application/vnd.github+json" \
        -H "Authorization: Bearer ${{ }}" \
        -H "X-GitHub-Api-Version: 2022-11-28" \${{ github.repository }}/issues

See this in action here.

This also works for other values in the github context like github.repository, github.sha, github.event_name, etc.