Online party games for a multi-lingual family

My partner is Japanese, and speaks English, while my family is Hungarian and speak varying levels of English. This Christmas we had an online board game/party game session, and I got to pick the games.

First idea was one of the JackBox games, however these require a very high level of English and American pop-culture knowledge, so would probably not have been fun. Among Us was also an option, but I expected that my family would speak Hungarian while playing, so wanted something where my partner could also understand what’s going on (even without speaking Hungarian).

These are the games that fit these criterias:

  • - guess the brand based on the logo. Company logos are pretty universal, and the names are the same everywhere. The only problem was that it was too easy and also started to repeat after a short time.
  • Map Quiz - this quiz is to find major cities of the world. A bit easy, but it looks nice. The same site has other map quizes that might be fun too
  • Country Quiz - we spent a lot of time with this one. It’s guessing the country based on the map, but the site looks really nice and gives some extra info on each country. Also if you get a few right, then it gets harder and rotates the map
  • Movie Quiz - guess the film from a picture. It was fun, sometimes easy, sometimes hard, and a bit short

Overall we had around an hour of fun.